Platforms for Concert Tickets in Europe

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Planning an event is one thing, preparing for your audience is another. Fans attend concerts of their faves to vibe to their music, just because there's something about live performances that is electrifying. So, for them, streaming your music may not be enough and with Covid-19 restrictions and bans being lifted slowly, fans are surely looking forward to a lot of live performances. Whether it's virtual, physical, or a mix of both, one sure thing you want to tick in your list as you prepare is making tickets for concerts available to them on time. 

With outdoor shows and gigs coming back to life, sites such as Show4me, Ticketmaster, StubHub, and so on are poised to help artists sell their tickets for concerts. Artists in countries across the globe, particularly Germany and the United Kingdom, have the advantage of leveraging Show4me as a global platform to showcase their art. Platforms for concert tickets, no matter the type of concert is, are usually essential for the following reasons. 

Easy purchase 

In as much as you may want to publicize your event by various means, putting up your tickets on virtual platforms is a fast means through which fans can easily secure access to your event. Some like Show4me have specially designed sites to help facilitate the purchase experience. 

Proper planning

These sites usually have tools that help you know the average population to expect. A platform like Show4me helps artists figure out how much to charge when it comes to tickets for concerts, so as not to overprice or underprice them. Find out how to figure your average pricing here


With all the hassle that comes with putting a concert together, the last thing you need is stress, both for you and your fans. You can put up various ticket types so that they are not restricted to one. If you want to add perks to the mix, it makes it better. 

Data collection 

In an age where data counts more than ever, these platforms will help you know your anticipated audience, even before you meet them. If you're all for feedback and reaching out via reminder emails, this is a great way to do so. It will help you cater to your audience better, especially those with special needs. 

Expression of creativity 

Standing in front of a mic or penning your lyrics is not the inky way to express your creativity. Visuals play a huge role and ticketing platforms will help your audience connect with your event even before it happens. These are tools curated for artists to help them design ticket types for their fans. 

With all the options open to artists such as Tickettu, Ticketmaster, and Tixr, Show4me stands out as a unique platform. Here's why. 

a) You can plan your concert with us. If you're skeptical about how to get your concert off the ground, here is how to put your event together in one piece. 

b) Planning your gig and thinking of how to open access to your fans shouldn't stress you out. You can use our eTicket tool that even allows you to check-in with your audience with our free ticket reader. Monetizing your performance once it's over can be done with our transparent and efficient process. 

c) You can actively be your brand when you sign up on our Artistclub. It's for independent artists who want to connect with their fanbase. Draw your fans into your world as you can make pre-sales of tickets, albums, and new releases available to them. To cap it, our direct-to-fan model permits you to receive payments directly from your fans.

Show4me is all about offering support to budding and rising artists, aiding their visibility to the world, and helping them reach music lovers. Increase your visibility when you get featured on our monthly charts. It's an all-inclusive option for artists and you can get started for free.

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