Neil Young on touring in 2023

Neil Young

This article was last updated on March 24, 2023

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Neil Young on touring in 2023

Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure, experienced firsthand the complexities of the ticketing industry when the band announced their North American tour. Despite opting out of Ticketmaster’s “dynamic” pricing structure, many fans were unable to secure tickets and others were charged exorbitant service fees.

Neil Young weighed in on the situation, noting that concert tours are no longer fun and that artists often get blamed for Ticketmaster add-ons and scalpers. The Cure tried to make their “Songs of a Lost World” tour accessible to real fans by limiting ticket sales to those registered for the “Verified Fan” sale, but Ticketmaster still added on fees and charges, prompting Smith to convince the company to refund fans between $5 and $10 on each order.

Musicians and fans have long criticized Ticketmaster for preventing real fans from attending live music events, and the company has faced increased scrutiny and even anti-trust investigation in recent years. In the midst of all this, Neil Young is set to perform at the “Light Up the Blues” autism fundraiser in Los Angeles in April and will release a new album, “All Roads Lead Home,” comprised of solo songs by each member of Crazy Horse.

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