BumaStemra pays over €239 million to Dutch music makers in record year


This article was last updated on May 19, 2023

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Record year for music makers

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, Dutch music makers earned a record amount of more than €239 million from BumaStemra last year. This is an increase of almost €50 million compared to the year before the pandemic.

Spectacular increase in live music performances

After enduring long periods of financial difficulties due to the pandemic, music lovers were finally able to return to live performances. This led to an impressive increase of over 45,000 licenses for live music performances, resulting in a “spectacular” increase in income for BumaStemra.

Increase in new music makers

Last year also saw an increase of 2,000 new members who mainly consisted of young and new musicians. 40% of new members were under 25 years of age.

Growth of online platforms

Despite the challenges, the income from online platforms and streaming continued to grow. BumaStemra attributes this growth to improved agreements with platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Tiktok, and the inclusion of Snapchat for the first time. As a result, the export value of Dutch music doubled compared to the corona years.

Director’s statement

Director Bernard Kobes of BumaStemra expressed pride in the record year for Dutch music makers. He credited their creativity and resilience in adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic.


Despite the challenges faced over the last two years, Dutch music makers have demonstrated their capacity to adapt to the ever-changing industry and overcome the odds. The increase in income from both live performances and online streaming platforms indicates a promising future for the music industry in the Netherlands.

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