Soaring Melodies Await: Junior Eurovision Debuts in Spain

Junior Eurovision Song

This article was last updated on February 14, 2024

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The Grand Arrival of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Spain

As the stage lights brighten and harmonious melodies fill the air, Spain is bustling with eager anticipation for a very special event. For the first time in its history, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted in the vibrant country of Spain. This exciting development comes after Spain took a remarkable second place in the previous year’s contest.

How The Hosting Country is Chosen for Junior Eurovision

There’s a unique tradition in the world of Eurovision—unlike its counterpart, the senior-level Eurovision Song Contest, the winning country of the junior contest is not obligated to host the forthcoming year’s event. Nevertheless, the opportunity is offered to the victorious nation first. If declined, the option to host rolls over to the country that took second place.

In a surprising turn of events, last year’s winner, France, opted not to orchestrate the upcoming show. As a result, the privilege was extended to Spain as the second-placers. Staged with enthusiasm, Spain grabbed this golden opportunity to host the 22nd edition of the prestigious event.

Spain’s Reception of the Junior Eurovision Contest

A spokesperson for the Spanish organization could barely veil their elation in a recent announcement. “We are certain that the Spanish public, known for its passion for music and cultural events, will receive this exciting news with explosive enthusiasm. Spain is ready to welcome the Eurovision community with wide open arms.”

As news of Spain’s impending Eurovision hosting debut spreads, the excitement in the country is palpable. From locals to tourists, everyone is eagerly looking forward to what is expected to be an unforgettable event.

What to Expect in the Forthcoming Junior Eurovision Contest

While the suspense builds, details such as the host city and the specific date for the much-awaited 22nd Edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest are yet to be announced. Regardless of the unknowns, one certainty is that Spain will pull out all the stops to create a memorable and spectacular contest, setting the bar high for future host countries.


Indeed, this year promises to be an exceptional one in the history of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. With the heart of Spain serving as the backdrop, participants, spectators, and music enthusiasts worldwide can expect a grand showcase of young talent, colorful cultures, and electrifying performances.

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