Rotterdam Honouring Legendary Rapper Def Rhymz

Def Rhymz's final farewell

This article was last updated on April 1, 2024

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Rotterdam Bids Adieu to Legend Rapper Def Rhymz

The city of Rotterdam experienced a bittersweet saga as fans, family, and friends bid farewell to beloved rapper, Def Rhymz, through a well-attended procession in the Rotterdam district of Crooswijk. Def Rhymz, whose real name was Dennis Bouman, passed away last Sunday at the age of 53 due to heart failure while awaiting a cardiac transplant. Bouman’s impactful contributions to the rap industry, particularly his chart-topping hits ‘Schudden’ and ‘Doekoe’ around the dawn of the new millennium placed him amongst esteemed musicians.

A Sea of Tributes

Born in Suriname, Bouman’s upbringing in Crooswijk forged an unbreakable connection with the district’s inhabitants. This was evident as hundreds gathered to pay homage to the late musician during the funeral procession. Bouman’s coffin, adorned with a plethora of flowers and Surinamese flags, was driven around the neighbourhood for an hour, rendering the vehicle almost invisible beneath the impressive tribute from the fans. In the hope of providing a suitable platform for public mourning, the family and friends of Def Rhymz organized the procession. Although a commemorative meeting took place in the afternoon, it was private and closed to the public.

Crowdfunding Success

The late rapper’s final resting place was in his native land, Suriname. In an effort to facilitate a distinguished burial in line with his status, his relatives initiated a crowdfunding campaign that successfully achieved its target acquisition of 40,000 Euros within 24 hours. With the collected funds, the family was not only able to organise the funeral in Suriname but also to enable all relatives to congregate and say their final goodbyes. A future tribute in the form of a concert is slated to celebrate the life and music of Def Rhymz, as announced by DJ E-Fortes, the rapper’s recent musical collaborator. To wrap up, the heartfelt bid adieu to Def Rhymz, echoed with the profound loss experienced by his family, friends, and fans. His music, however, continues to resonate, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of rap. To help visualise the story, one suggested image is Def Rhymz’s portrait.

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