Did M.I.A. Rihanna Really Have The Flu?


This article was last updated on May 7, 2024

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The biggest buzz around the Met Gala wasn’t who wore what, but instead, who wasn’t there! Met Gala regular Rihanna RSVPed a big yes to attend the event and she flew to New York days before to prepare. While Rihanna claimed at the last minute that she couldn’t make it due to a sudden case of the flu, our source says there seems to be much more to the story. Habitually late, Rihanna more than once showed up at the Met Gala at 10 PM, hours past the arrivals. She was told in no uncertain terms that her tardiness wouldn’t be tolerated this time. My source says that Rihanna realized she would never make it on time, so she suddenly “came down with the flu.” We’re not going to accuse her of faking it, but we will say the timing is suspect

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