Case Of The Missing Bob Dylan Slip-Case

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Early buyers of Bob Dylan The Lyrics: Since 1962 are not happy when the art book came without the promised slip-case – The Lyrics now selling for $500

By Stephen Pate – Updated – When, the official website for the bard of the 60’s, announced the new book Bob Dylan The Lyrics: Since 1962, they advertised the special edition with a slip-case and showed it in the photo.

“Almost 1,000 pages and 13 pounds, this slip-case edition is roughly the size of an LP record, and is being published as a limited edition.”

Customers who got their copies of the book from have complained the slip case was missing.

One Amazon reviewer Jipped, complained, “On Dylan’s website there was a link to Amazon to purchase this book. The description said it came with a slipcase. There is no slipcase with this book…so I don’t understand why they said it came with a slipcase.”

Another called Adam wrote “Where is the slipcase?”

I went back to the Bob Dylan site and sure enough they said the book had a slip-case and used the illustration in the featured image above.

Here is the page from this morning at about 5 AM ADST October 29th which advertises the slip-case in the last paragraph and photo.

The Lyrics_ Since 1962 now available _ The Official Bob Dylan Site

Tracking the Bob Dylan slip-case

I put my on detective hat and started tracking the missing slip-case.

Simon and Schuster did not detail a slip-case for the book. I wrote them and explained that advertised a slip-case edition. Would be sending buyers a slip-case? No answer yet.

I also wrote and pointed out that while they didn’t have the slip-case in their product description, the “slip-case edition” link from led directly to their page. No answer on that one either.

The case of the missing slip-case The Lyrics: Since 1962

I also sent an email to Send Us Feedback pointing out they promised a slip-case on the page.

“At the price of this book, people expect something special like the advertised slip-case.”

It looks like Sony is going to weasel out on the advertised slip-case at this point because they didn’t reply.

But Sony did delete the words “slip-case edition” from the page and changed the photo sometime after I sent the email.

Well sorry You will have to come good for what’s  advertised, at least one would expect them to keep promises.

Here’s the new copy – “Almost 1,000 pages and 13 pounds, this edition is roughly the size of an LP record, and is being published as a limited edition.  Read more:


Simon and Schuster sent this email:

Hi Stephen, Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, only the signed version of THE LYRICS: SINCE 1962 is sold with a slip case (available at

The regular format, without the author’s signature, is not available with a slip case. Additionally, we have confirmed that it is not advertised with a slip case on or any other retailer sites. We apologize for any confusion. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Stephen Simon and

I wrote Stephen back and brought him up to speed on the marketing which does not match his version.

The story continues….

Sold out except may in Canada

Bob Dylan The Lyrics: Since 1962 sold out in the USA. UK and Germany.  There were a few copies left in Canada at

As predicted, The Lyrics: Since 1962 is re-selling at a tidy premium already from $445 to $500 on the secondary market.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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