How To Restore Vol. 10 Dylan Bootleg Series Companion App

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Bootleg Companion App R1.5 update deletes the data from”Bob Dylan Another Self Portrait”

By Stephen Pate – Bob Dylan fans might be perplexed by the missing app data in The Bob Dylan Bootleg Companion App.”

They are also probably wondering why the new app only covers 10 songs from a 138 song “Deluxe” version of “The Basement Tapes.”

To speed up the download, the 1.5 update deletes the data already on your iPhone or iPad.

Go back to the App, select the app for Vol 10 Another Self Portrait and download the 350 MB of data

for Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series Vol. 10 (Deluxe Version).

It takes a few minutes to download and expand the data depending on your connection speed.

The size of the data files might a problem if the Sony division MyPlay Direct actually gave us the promised data for all 11 volumes of Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series. How much free room do we have on our devices?

Bob Dylan Bootleg Companion App Another Self Portrait

Sadly it looks like Sony is wimping out with weak updates. The Vol. 11 version of the App only has material for 10 of the 138 songs on “The Basement Tapes.”  The app data for The Basement Tapes is a meagre 76 MB compared to 350 MB for Another Self Portrait.

I feel cheated since last year for less money they gave App coverage of 36 songs.

Do you think this year’s app is fair or reasonable for Dylan and his label?

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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