Paul McCartney: You Can’t Study to Be The Beatles or Bob Dylan

Impossible Fan Questions

Think that you can go to a college and come out like Bob Dylan? Someone like Bob Dylan, you can’t make

By Stephen Pate – Sir Paul McCartney answered Impossible Questions from students and pans academics about rock and roll.

“Last month Paul sat down with Lily Cole and a small group of musicians from Lily’s Impossible website and answered questions about his new single Hope For The Future

, songwriting, meeting John Lennon, resurrecting old songs and shared his advice with fellow songwriters.”

“For me it’s ridiculous, and yet very flattering. Ridiculous because we never studied anything, we just loved our popular music: Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, etc. And it wasn’t a case of ‘studying’ it.”

“I think for us, we’d have felt it would have ruined it to study it. We wanted to make our own minds up just by listening to it. So our study was listening.”

Lily and Sir Paul McCartney answering impossible questions

“But to be told – as I was years ago now – that The Beatles were in my kid’s history books? That was like ‘What?! Unbelievable, man!’ Can you imagine when we were at school, finding yourself in a history book?!”

“So it’s very flattering, and I think it’s a kind of cool idea really, you know, like in LIPA. So yeah, it’s very flattering.”

“At the same time, I don’t think that by studying popular music you can become a great popular musician; it may be that you use it to teach other people about the history, that’s all valuable.”

“But to think that you can go to a college and come out like Bob Dylan? Someone like Bob Dylan, you can’t make.”

“It was an early decision when we were thinking of our policies for LIPA, we said: ‘We want to train people to be all rounders. Give them as much info as we can. But you can’t tell them how to become a Bob Dylan or a John Lennon, because you know, nobody knows how that happens’.”

For the full transcript, click here.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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