The Lithograph of Dylan’s Shadows in the Night Is Pretty Special

Bob Dylan Shadows in the Night Vinyl plus Lithograph

Bob Dylan’s Shadows in the Night vinyl or CD + Lithograph bundle

By Stephen Pate – When Sony offered a deluxe bundle on the new Bob Dylan album Shadows In The Night

I thought, why not this time?
Bob Dylan Offers Deluxe Bundle With Shadows in the Night

The deluxe bundle includes the new album on vinyl or CD plus a hand numbered 12×12&Prime lithograph of the album cover.

I am sure every record store in the world has “Shadow in the Night” which Sony and Dylan are promoting to the hilt with “stories in the press” as Dylan sang in Idiot Wind. Dylan is in Rolling Store. Dylan is in the AARP magazine. Reviewers in every little mag and rag around the world are waxing eloquent about Bob Dylan covering Frank Sinatra. Well not everyone – a travesty or triumph? wrote one reviewer.

Of course, Bob Dylan denies he is covering anyone. It’s a mere coincidence that Dylan is crooning male lovesick songs that Frank Sinatra sang 50 years ago.

There were a few naysayers about the lithograph at Expecting Rain, the Bob Dylan fan site, about the quality and value of the deluxe set lithograph.  Even the site moderator warned me Sony sent him a crumpled poster once. In for a penny (in for a pound) I thought.

Monday the vinyl arrived from – I forgot to cancel the order. Amazon will take it back no questions asked other than postage.

Yesterday, the UPS driver delivered a box the size of a 5-year-old child. What could it be?

Inside the box was the carefully packed Shadows in the Night vinyl LP and the hand numbered – 491/1000 – lithograph shipped professionally in a cardboard roll.

Everything was perfect, including the unexpected free CD inside the package, which was not mentioned in any of the promotional materials.

The vinyl was 180 gram quality – very nice. Sony did not say we would get 180 gram vinyl but that’s what came from Amazon and Sony.

The lithograph itself is gorgeous, printed on heavy stock and definitely worthy of framing. All in all for the extra $10, I am very pleased.

The Sony deluxe bundles are limited quantities and usually sell out within a few months of the albums’ release.  If you’re a Dylan collector like many people are, the lithograph makes a nice addition to your collection. The only downside is I have to spring for a frame.

If you didn’t get the album yet, you might try Sony if they have any more deluxe sets left.  Otherwise, Shadows in the Night is available from, in Canada and in the UK.

Also available from iTunes – Shadows in the Night – Bob Dylan


If you live in the UK, Amazon has a contest to win a Lithograph of the Shadows in the Night Artwork Signed by Bob Dylan which would one-up my numbered lithograph. You don’t have to buy the CD from to enter but you have to be a resident of the UK, lucky Brits eh?

Some stores in the UK and Germany were giving away unnumbered lithographs according to fans.


The reviews in the newspapers and magazines are raving about “Shadows in the Night.” Studies show most people don’t trust the media and for good reasons. First off, reviewers can get cut from the list for free CD’s if they knock a label favorite and second most reviews are copied from the first one or two.  Very few reviewers actually listen to CD’s the 5-10 times it takes to hear the music in-depth.

I prefer user reviews on sites like Amazon where real buyers tell it like they see it.  There on average, the album is getting 3.5 out of 5 stars. Here are some Shadows In The Night reviews:

“An absolutely beautiful album! Dylan sings every song with great feeling and emotion.”

If Frank Sinatra was “the voice,” maybe Bob Dylan is “that voice.” I love Dylan’s voice. It’s fascinating and quirky and unorthodox and all his own.

Dylan is a fantastic songwriter and sings his own songs with a certain style. I am a huge Dylan fan.  But this collection reveals the emperor to have no clothes. Listen to the samples for yourself. Just because you can do as you please, doesn’t mean you should.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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