Lest We Forget

“The song”   “Lest We Forget” was forged from a place not only of historical reflection, but more humbly from a very personal revelation.

I found myself thinking of my Dad leading up to Remembrance Day wondering how he would react to the unparalleled upheaval found around the world these days. Then I wondered what he would think of the personal life changing battle I had to face these past years, at the hands of those we entrusted to be fair and just. I have no doubt his heart would sink.

He had raised us to respect those in uniform and to appreciate all they gave in the name of not only Canada, but also those around the world who needed our help. We grew up knowing our basic human rights were something to cherish and value because people gave their lives so that we could be free and protected from injustice.

I found myself asking… how would those who fought for our rights feel to see injustices happening everyday not only across the ocean but also here in our own country. I was deeply saddened and hurt that society seemed to have forgotten the true importance of the precious sacrifice made in our names.

Everyday, near and far battles are being waged for freedom, for basic human rights, for our environment, for the simple right to love the one we love without fear of prosecution. For centuries brave women and men around the world have risked their lives in hopes of making our world a safer more compassionate place to live.

Sadly these battles often see loss of life in the line of duty. Often for their comrades who make it home the war is not over, as many face an equally dangerous battle of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our veterans, those who walk among us and those who have passed must never be forgotten. It is their legacy which has been entrusted to us to protect and share. It is our responsibility to teach our children, to give thanks and to never let their efforts be in vain.

“Lest We Forget” was born of a need to remind the world that we must never stop fighting to protect our basic human rights and that it is our duty never to forget, not only those who came before us but also those who continue to fight everyday to make our world a better place for all.

“To Live Free and To Be Free”

You can also hear the song on website track #4 at www.chrisgill.ca

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