Humphreys sentenced to 20 years imprisonment

The taxi driver from West Cape, Jacob Humphreys, accused to taking the lives of ten children due to a train crash with his taxi due to his negligence has been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment on Tuesday.

The judge of the West Cape High Court Robert Henney announced the accused 12-years of imprisonment for each of the ten killed children to be effective concurrently announcing a total of 12 years of life imprisonment for the dead. He further gave him prison punishment for six years for each of the four attempted murders. The punishment of the attempted murders and the murders was announced to be concurrent, adding another eight years to the total of 12 years of imprisonment and bringing the total to 20 years in prison.

The court also cancelled Humphreys driving license and declared the punishment saying, “The court should be mindful of the difference between public opinion and public interest. The object of this sentence is not to serve public opinion but to serve the public interest. Courts should exercise caution to not be swept away by emotional sentiment and media attention.”

Several of Humphreys’ relatives burst into tears hearing the statement announced. Humphreys kept a deep expression while the judge announced his punishment.

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