South Sudan’s 2014 Census To Cost $99 Million

Mr. Isaiah Chol briefing the press about the commissions’ 2014 plans [©Gurtong]

Mr. Isaiah Chol briefing the press about the commissions’ 2014 plans [©Gurtong]

Mr. Isaiah Chol, the Chairperson of the Commission told press yesterday in Juba that, prior plans in the Commission have been finalized and are only waiting implementation after the government and her partners approve and release funds for the proposed budget.

“If the government of South Sudan is able to pay this money and channel it into the commission’s account we will conduct the exercise,” Chol said while decrying of the government’s reluctance in supporting the Commission’s activities. 

Chol explained that, the estimated $99million is needed to facilitate field mapping, training of human resources, and enumeration among other several activities to be done.

The South Sudan census is to determine the conduct of the South Sudan first elections stated in the transitional constitution to take place after five years prior to the declaration of her independence.

In another development, Chol said the Commission faces challenges in terms of government funding on her activities. It has failed to provide many data in different areas of need due to lack of funding.

He gave an example of the commission’s plans to research and unveils statistical information on Wild Life Monitoring Survey, Crisis and Recovery Analysis, National Labour Force Survey and National Agricultural Survey among other research activities have been delayed by government’s partial policy support.

Since its establishment, the Commissions’ budget has been cut off continuously derailing its smooth process. Chol said many government institutions have not underscored the importance of the statistical information in backing development plans and policy making.

He pointed out that, his Commission’s budget has kept on dropping; 0.3%, 0.33%, 0.25%, 0.28%, 0.22%, and 0.21% according to the annual budgets of the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively.

However, the South Sudan government deputy spokesperson Atem Yak, the governments’ efforts in supporting the Commission’s activities are being influenced by politicians who do things negatively.

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