Gudele Residents Desert Homes Over Tribal Clashes

Families fleeing the fight in Munuki Payam to safer grounds in Juba [©Gurtong]

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Families fleeing the fight in Munuki Payam to safer grounds in Juba [©Gurtong]Yesterday the President Salva Kiir Mayardit was briefed in his office on the general security situation in Juba City following the clashes which took place in some parts of Gudele residential area and Kameru village over land disputes.

This came in a meeting he held on the issue with the Minister for Interior Hon Alison Manani Magaya and his deputy Gen. Salva Mathiok, and the Governor of Central Equatoria state Hon Clement Wani Konga and his deputy Hon Manasi Lomule.

Shortly after the meeting Hon Magaya said they briefed the President on all the steps taken by the security organs to ensure stability in Kameru village and some parts of Gudele residential area, which are now under the full control of security forces.

Hon Magaya said President Kiir called on the parties clashing over the land issue to remain calm and respond to the government measures in maintaining order. He emphasized that the President of the Republic directed the authorities concerned to normalize the situation in the area.

He also urged the citizens not to rely on rumors, saying that seven people were killed in the clashes, which he described as unfortunate. He called on the citizens who flew from the area to go back and start their normal life. He revealed that adequate security forces have been deployed in the area to support efforts of the state in preventing attacks by any group.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Central Equatoria state Hon Clement Wani Konga announced that the demolition in Block 107 is suspended for a special arrangement to be carried out to relocate those who will be affected by the demolition to a new site. He called on the citizens to remain calm and refrain from the spirit of revenge to avoid flaring up clashes between the communities.

He explained to the press that the clashes in Gudele and Kameru village came as a result of a land dispute between some individuals of Bari Community of Kameru Village, and some soldiers displaced from new site.

The fight erupted between a few Dinka and Bari community members last Saturday and continued until last Monday.

Many of the residents of these areas have deserted their homes for other parts of Juba following the clashes that have left at least six people dead and several others wounded.

There were serious gun shots in Kemiru area following land wrangles that led to the displacement. When the drama ensued in Kemiru area, neighbouring residents also decided to take off to safety.

The issue of land wrangles alleged to have been between a few Bari and a few Dinka people caused the commotion in the area though other sources at the scene revealed a few of the Nuer people were also involved in the fight.

At least one family has lost four of its members including a pregnant mother whose bodies are lying in Juba Teaching Hospital Mortuary.

Speaking to the cousin of the deceased at the Hospital, Mr. Bless Tombek who was grieving revealed that he was speechless and called on the government to protect the civilians. The family that was murdered is in Jopha, a neighbouring village to Kemiru.

Fekira Vivian, a resident of Gudele 2, block 10 said, “I don’t have an idea of what is happening. I only took off because I saw people running.”

She added that she was terrified by the speed at which people were running and to make it more worse; they were carrying luggage.

About 100 meters from where the shooting took place, Gurtong correspondent met Wani Kimang who ascertained that the fight involved land wrangles.

He added that his niece Naponi was shot in the leg and that she is in hospital for medication.

Mr. Likambo Emmanuel who was also affected, narrated that his father and one other person were also casualties of the fight. They were found working at home and were all beaten.

While Likambo sustained injuries with a swollen head, bruises and his ears oozing blood resulting from the beating, the other person got shot on the leg. His father was also beaten and is in hospital for medical attention.

Likambo also reported that about 2,000 SSP meant for construction materials was stolen as they were tied, beaten and about to be killed.

At Gudele 2 market, businesses came to a standstill for hours and by the time the correspondent left the area, shops were still closed.

Until now, the number of the causalities has not been confirmed from the fight that begun last Saturday.

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