Rumbek Hospital Receives Medical Supplies From MSF

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The MSF Deputy Medical Coordinator Swiss Andrew Mbala said that the supply is just part of the bigger supply that will go towards supporting eleven health facilities within the state.

He said that they are going to give monthly supplies and do follow ups and assessments in the state in case there is an emergency outbreak.

The supplies include medicines and mosquito nets to be distributed to the residents as there with a sharp increase in malaria cases in Lakes state hospital.

The State Health Minister Daniel Gumwel Nhomabur appreciated the effort made by organization and urged all organisations to supply state hospital with drugs and other necessary equipments required.

This is the first time MSF distributed drugs to 11 health care facilities in Lakes State.
In August, the Governor of Lakes State Chol Tong Mayay made a surprise visit to Rumbek Civil Hospital to monitor the situation and was concerned about the situation in the hospital and ordered the humanitarian organisation working in the state to support the government in combating malaria across the eight counties.

The governor urged the officers to distribute the anti malaria drugs fairly among all the counties.

 The most affected patients by malaria in Lakes state are children and elderly people including women who are admitted at the hospital.

Doctors at the hospital have urged the citizens all over the state to use treated mosquito nets to avoid infection and bring the affected to the hospital at an early stage for better treatment.

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