Chief Justice Calls For Establishment Of Mobile Courts

South Sudan Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut addressing the law enforcement agencies in Juba. [Gurtong | Waakhe Simon Wudu]

He said there are currently no courts in many of the states in the country despite several arrests being done.

“There is the need to establish mobile courts. If you go to the country side there are not courts,” Chan said.

He said there are no structures in the states to effectively execute the laws.

“If you go to the prisons there are people who have stayed there for years without trial because there cases have not been investigated due to lack of proper systems in the judiciary,” Chan said.

He pointed out that there are currently 1,838 remand prisoners in the country waiting for trial and critical challenges of inadequate courts to process trials have kept the cases accumulating thus delaying justice.

He has called for collective efforts towards the campaign for the establishment of mobile courts as other plans to set permanent ones remain in place.

In another call to boost the effectiveness of the judiciary, Chan has called for the government to ratify laws that target specific common cases in the country such as cattle rustling which is common and will undeniably continue.

He said government needs to ratify a disarmament law to govern the disarmament process in the country, adding the judiciary is ready to execute the laws when passed.

He further called for more investment in the judiciary if justice is to prevail as expected.

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