Raiders Kill SPLA Soldier In Jonglei

Bor County Information Officer David Alier Keer addressing the Press. [Gurtong | Jacob Achiek Jok]

“There was an attempted cattle raiding yesterday at round three o’clock were some armed youth of Murle wanted to attack Weereh cattle camp in Juiet community of Jalle Payam,”  Bor County Information officer, David Alier Keer told the media.

“During the fighting, one SPLA soldier was killed and than other soldier plus civilians were wounded. Now the victims are now in Bor civil hospital for treatment,” he said. 

Jalle Payam MP Kuol Bol Ayom said that they have requested the state government to send the army to the area to protect civilians because the role of the government is to protect the people.

He said the forces on the ground are very few and could not be able to secure the civilians in villages.

Kuol said Jalle is one of the most venerable are in Bor County because it is exposed to the criminals.

“It is not the first time the Murle criminals attempted to raid the cattle they have raided the cattle one month ago from Jalle at Akuai-Deng Boma,” Keer said.

Keer said they do not know the number of the wounded raiders during the attack.

He said that the commissioner of Bor County is in process of sending the police force to the ground to monitor the situation of the civilians and secure the area together with the disarmament forces on the ground.

At the beginning of the year there was a massacre at Weereh in Jalle Payam where the more than 80 people including children and women were killed.

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