Land Mine Kills 3 Children In Warrap State

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“The three children between four and seven years old have been killed and another one sustained multiple injuries which range from the legs to the face,” he said.

The incident occurred at about 4:00pm as the children were playing around their home in a swamp stretching from a small a river where they found unexploded ordnance that eventually exploded killing the three and injuring the other.

The landmine is suspected to have been planted during the Sudan and South Sudan civil war.

The authority in Warrap is reportedly putting up billboards in a move to educate the public on the dangers of land mines and warn against them playing with such unknown objects.

South Sudan authorities and partners such as the Danish Deming Group, the UN Mine Action, the MAG and Norwegian People’s Aid Demining programme among others are working hard to remove mines planted during war but many areas in the country still remain risky.

Some road to date are not accessible by vehicles due fears of land mines.

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