Police Off Duty Not To Carry Guns-Minister

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The move is to reduce the tendencies of some armed forces using guns for dubious activities.

“We are going to see into it that, those who are not on duty will not move with guns. Only those on duty will be holding guns. So that any body found walking with a gun and is not on duty will be easily arrested,” Manani said. 

“People staying with guns in their hands and not on duty may sometimes use those guns for unusual activities. We are going to work together with all authorities in the country so that we can be able to collect all these guns out.”

Manani also pointed out that there are people bringing guns to Juba and also taking out to other places.

He reiterated the ministry’s plan in intensifying capacity building of the police, a move aimed at professionalizing the police.

Early this month, Manani’s Deputy Salva Mathok told Gurtong that the ministry is in a process of setting up systems to discipline some wrong elements in the police when found committing crimes that compromise their ethics.

Mathok said some police officials have been identified for teaming up with gangs to loot the public.

He said a court has been established to handle the police in such cases and some police officers have been dismissed already.

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