Second Independence Anniversary Celebration In Rumbek Cancelled

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“The council has decided that the 2013 independence celebrations will be done here in Juba while the preparations in Rumbek will continue,” Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin government Spokesperson told press in Juba Friday just shortly after the meeting. 

“There are many things that are supposed to be done in Lakes State. 
For example the stadium needs to be built; the airport needs to be extended. There is a need for building houses for guests. These things cannot get ready on time because you cannot build all these things in six months,” Marial added.

He said the decision does not compromise arrangements for the preparations there as it will be done in 2014 when the facilities are well fixed.

He said the rotation of the independence celebrations to be conducted in the States is a government policy to enhance development in the country.

In previous months, the council of Ministers had endorsed a decision that the independence celebrations of 2013 will be held in Lakes State.

Last month, Lakes State’s Governor Chol Tong Mayay said preparations for the celebrations were in high gear.

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