Suspects Arrested With Forged US Currency

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Major Osman Fulus Elnur said the department is very active in operations to control crime in the town and they have managed to arrest the suspects for exchanging forged currency.

He said they got 28, 100 US dollars from the South Sudanese young men, “we will send them to the court for the finding and they will be able to tell us where they got such amount of the money from so that we are able to secure the situation of currency.”

The suspects are approximated to be below 18 years old.

Osman said they are still monitoring whether there is a machine which was involved in the production of the notes before they proceed to court.

He said they have received information about the circulation of the forged currency in Juba and the main suspects could be based in Juba.

“The number of the suspected criminals is 7 but one of them is arrested and is in Bor Central Prison for the case of stealing, he will be brought here for investigation so that we know how did they have these amount of 28,100 US Dollars,” John Mach Yuot said.

All the notes have a stamp print showing the US security seal.

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