Probe Committee Completes Investigations On Governor

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The group led by John Moswa Madanza with Dr. Vigil Modi Jima as secretary revealed that it has completed all the groundwork and awaits the compilation of the report for leadership of the National Council of States in Juba for subsequent publicity afterward.

Michael Losike Lokerui, a member representing Eastern Equatoria State at the National Council of State in Juba had written a letter accusing the governor together with two other county commissioners and his wife Samira Louis Lojore of training militias to destabilize the state.

The Chair explained to Gurtong that they had met with different people including the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Commanders and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

“We arrived and were received warmly at Kapoeta Airstrip by Kapoeta South County Commissioner, Hon. Martin Lorika Lojam alongside other county community members and citizens, and thereafter we started the probing work with the Commissioner. We visited other areas like security intelligent personnel, area commanders, and in the afternoon, we left for Kapoeta North by land and met the County Commissioner; Hon. Lokai Iko Loteyo, at Riwoto, the headquarters for Kapoeta North,” he said.

The chair said that they had asked questions on whether there has been existing trainings of militias in the area.

They disclosed that on the first day of arrival to Kapoeta, the committee visited the borders of Jonglei and Ethiopia to see any sign of presence of militia groups.

Moswa is also chairperson of Decent Governance and State Affairs and represents Western Equatoria State at the National Council of States.

He said that the committee shall start preparing the report accordingly and hopes the report shall be ready for presentation to the National Council of States by Friday.

The governor had indicated that he will resign from his position in the SPLM if the allegations levelled against him are proved to be true by the Council of States.

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