NGO Officer Killed By Rebels In Pibor

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“That the aid worker, Peter Milan was taken from his house in Gumuruk Payam in front of his family on 2 November by armed men suspected to be fighting for a rebel group in the area led by David YauYau. His wife and children were not harmed in the attack,” said the Pibor County Commissioner Joshua Konyi Irer.

He said the rebels waited in Thiangnyang for two days for Milan’s relatives to negotiate for his release when the Gumuruk community sent 25 cows to the rebels with the hope of securing his release.

According to the commissioner, the rebels accepted the cows and promised they would return Milan the next day but they reneged and killed Milan and left the area taking the cattle.

Konyi said that Milan was a retired soldier who had fought with South Sudan’s army while they were a rebel group between 1983 and 2005 fighting the Sudanese government.

During the civil war, which after a 2005 peace deal and led to South Sudan’s independence last year, Milan was trained in mining and de-mining by the SPLA. 
He said that it was this expertise that led to his kidnap, as the rebels wanted him to join them.

It is assumed that after Milan refused to defect and the rebels resorted to killing him.

Konyi, described David Yau Yau as an enemy to all South Sudanese and the people of Jonglei State in particular as his militia are “killing people and, looting civilians”.

He pledged that Yau Yau would not last beyond February 2013.

Commissioner Konyi said that the group that took Milan were led by Lan Naiyo, a member of the Murle tribe who joined the rebels in August this year.

The rebels took Milan across the river to Thiangnyang, a village to the East of Gumuruk town.

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