Kenya, South Sudan Strengthen Ties

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

In a statement to the press after a close-door meeting with President Kiir, Uhuru said his visit was aimed at strengthening ties with South Sudan.

“Our discussions mainly involved around our good and neighborliness relations that have been there since the time of Kenya in independence and through struggle of self determination of South Sudan,” said Uhuru.

“We reiterated our desire and the desire to continue with that same spirit to ensure that we work together for cooperation and economic development and prosperity between the people of the two nations,” he added.

Uhuru underscored the leadership of the South Sudanese government in allowing Kenyan investors to operate in South Sudan.

He also briefed Kiir on the electoral processes ahead of the elections in Kenya scheduled for March 4 2013, saying all the political parties are working to ensure the elections are not only peaceful but ensure the government to be formed will be all inclusive.

Kenyatta is a prsidential aspirant in the forthcoming elections in the neighbouring country.

Uhuru’s visit followed also the visit of Kenyan Presidential contestant for the upcoming elections Ms. Martha Karua who also met President Kiir and discussed related issues on bilateral relations. 

Martha met several Kenyans in South Sudan who are mainly doing business in the infant nation.

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