Seminary School Reopened After 20 Years Of Closure

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“The first degree of knowledge is the fear of the lord,” he told the congregation at the event marking the re-opening of seminary.

Speaking to the Acting Director of the Seminary, Revevend Father Todo Romeo, sais the seminary has kicked-off with 37 seminarians.

He added that the number would have been more but other seminarians have been taken to the nearby countries.

“The raging war and its effects made it hard to keep the seminary running,” he said.

Set up in 1984, the seminary has produced many religious people some of whom did not continue. 
However, Fr. Romeo said that the work of God is a calling and that if those who were ones seminarians are rendering services to the people, they will be proud of them.

He added that they hope that the institution bare fruits and meet the expectations of the people.

The seminary brings seminarians from all the nine catholic dioceses in the country. So far the seminary has eight teaching staff though they are expecting one.

Speaking to one of the seminarians, James Alau Sabassio, he says there are three sections in the seminary which includes Orientation, Philosophy and Theology.

He added that he is happy for the reopening of the seminary.

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