House Approves A US $ 60 Million Hydro Electric Power Project

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Acting speaker, Paul Napwon Yonae faced heated debate during the deliberations with a number of parliamentarians opposing the bill.

“Pursuant to resolution No.49/2012 of the extra-ordinary sitting of the Council of Ministers No.07/2012 dated 18th November 2012 resolved and mandated the State Government to loan a US Dollars 60,000,000 from Chinese Exhim Bank of China to facilitate the construction of Hydro Electric Power and Water Supply in Torit town and its vicinity,” said Benaiah Benjamin Kitara, state Minister of Housing and Public Utilities as he presented the bill.

He explained that the US$ 60 million loan from Exhim Bank of China will enable Sino Hydro Company Corporation to undertake construction of 3 Megawatts of power in Torit town, a sub-urban water supply in addition to some light industrial factories.

The project is expected to be concluded one and a half years from date of commencement.

Some parliamentarians questioned the bill for clarity and some procedures to be followed including considering application of appropriation law.

The motion was moved by the chief whip, Hon. Alberio Tobiolo Oromo, and seconded by Hon. Joseph Kolombos Lokodo from Budi County.

The minister said the signing of Memorandum of Understanding immediately took effect after reaching an agreement on 15th November 2012 in collaboration with National Ministry of Finance in Juba.

The agreement involved the state government through its Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities, national Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Sino Hydro Company Corporation.

At first, the house demanded the minister to avail signed physical copies of contract agreement and feasibility studies to the house but he defended that it was genuine and urgent as it favours provision of better services to the citizens.

He said that the bill was also approved by the state council of ministers with a resolution and the council instructed him to table it before the house for approval.

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