Calm Returns To Wau County

Western Bahr el Ghazal Council of State Representative, Diacon Richardo Ugali Udo. [Misuk Moses Mule]

“I heard this morning that the situation is calm and people slept well,” he said.

He told reporters that there is a curfew in the county from dawn to dusk.

Ugali said that the Council of States yesterday deliberated on a motion in which they have considered summoning the governor of the state.

He said that he has been in touch with authorities in the state one of who is the director of Wau Hospital who he said confirmed to him a number of eight people killed during the incident and 28 injured.

The incident started on 8th to the 9th when demonstrators marched in protest against the decision to take Wau County headquarters to Bagari area.

According to the government, the move by the state government to transfer Wau County head quarters to Bagari is not ill intentioned but rather extension of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) vision of taking towns to the people.

“The decision did not come out of blue and it is therefore in line with the SPLM vision of taking towns to the people,” he said.

The governor was reacting to allegation made on 31st of last month by Wau Community intellectuals in Juba headed by Thony Sebit Jokondo where they said that there is political and constitutional crisis in Wau.

The community intellectuals were calling for the intervention of the national government to avert what they said was a “looming” crisis.

Jokondo had accused the government of brutal arrests, grabbing people’s property and disappearances of people.

Governor Rizik said that there existed two county administrations in Wau which includes Jur River county and Raja county.

He accused the commissioner of Wau County of blackmailing him and misinforming the people adding that moving the administration to Bagari does not mean that the people should move.

Wau which is the capital city of Western Bahr el Ghazal state has been made a municipality to be governed by a mayor.

The governor said all the allegations leveled against him are baseless and that the situation has calmed down.

He added that the decree comes in conformity with the national and state constitution article 134(3).

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