Bor Community Claims Government Is Violating Peace Agreement

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The state Local Government Minister, Diing Akol told the public that the state government appreciated the peaceful way applied by traditional leaders. 

Speaking to the public at the demonstration, the former Member of Parliament (MP) of Jalle Payam, Maker Kur Jok said Bor community petitioned the violation of peace and reconciliation agreement signed by traditional authorities in May.

“With due respect and reconciliation to your esteemed powers in our state, we the traditional leaders of Bor County in Jonglei state would like to sincerely bring your wise leadership attention citizen of Bor county have been poorly protected by both state and the national government,” said Kur.

He said that the one of the mandate and responsibilities of any government is the absolute protection of the national, civil populations and citizens properties in the state.

“This is the chief reason why our communities from greater Bor have been so cooperating with the disarmament force by remitting illegal arms voluntarily to the disarmament authorities in anticipation of protection,” he said.

Maker said after the peace, unfortunately the cooperation seems to be in vain in the sense that cattle raiding, children abduction, killing of an innocent people happens almost on weekly basis.

Maker said that the atrocities committed by David Yau Yau militias have caused un-measurable devastations and mass exodus of Dinka Bor pastoralists to Lakes state and greater Equatoria states.

He said that this mass migration has subsequently resulted in to social conflicts between Bor pastoralists and the local farmers in the neighbouring state which require a government intervention every year.

He said  the traditional authorities leaders from Bor has strongly urged the county authorities to link up with all the peace stakeholders including the UN agencies, states and the national government to speed up and find amicable solution to the continuous suffering of the people.

He said that they are requested government to consider arming a reasonable number of the Sudan People Liberation Moment (SPLM) youths to fight side-by-side with the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) disarmament process in order to uproot the David Yau Yau militia.

They call for the establishment of community policing to take charge of civilian’s protection in Payams and Bomas in every county to track down the total cattle raided since the signing of Jonglei Community peace accords, including 8,551 head of cattle raided from Akwai-Deng Boma of Jalle Payam.

The leaders said that the forces should be deployed in buffer zones between Dinka Bor and Murle tribes as agreed up on during the community peace talk in May.

He said United Nation Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) roles and mandate in Jonglei state shall be evaluated,

In September, the UNMISS accused the government and the SPLA forces of human rights violations during the disarmament process.

The total number of the cattle raided after the signing of peace accord in May include 9,751 heads of cattle, 3 children abducted, 12 people killed and 13 others wounded.

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