Parliament Urges Ministry To Be Vigilant As Austerity Budget Is Ratified

The ministry has been tasked to ensure there are records on date of appointments of civil servants, safe keeping of files and monitoring dates civil servants for pension eligibility.

The legislators strongly blamed the Ministry for its past and present inefficiency by failing to keep proper records.

A Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Specialized Committee of Economic Development, Finance and Public Accounts Hon. Dominic Otwari Theodore said that ministry is custodian of all civil service records and for that matter, it should properly keep all files for easy processing.

The Chairperson of Standing Specialized Committee of Economic Development, Finance and Public Accounts, Hon. Toby Xavier who presented the Draft Bill of Austerity Budget at third and fourth reading for deliberations questioned rising issue of duplication names on payroll at various ministries.
The Chairperson of the Committee of Health, HIV/AIDS, Social Development, Gender, Youth and Sport Hon. Agnes Lox Mebo also questioned whether individual institution usually provides or gives copies of Last Pay Certificates (LPCs) of any transferred civil servants to the State Ministry of Public Service for records and notification so the Ministry does not encounter many problems in keeping essential records.
Following numerous enquiries from the House,the State Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resources Development, Hon. Josephine Akulang Abalang said that the issue of duplication began in October when the exercise carried out to remove ghost names was done.

Akulang urged the members to cooperate in the task as the ministry could not be 100 percent effective.

The house endorsed the Austerity Budget as moved by Hon. Ben Loki Palatino, SPLM, seconded by Hon. Severino Maira Janus, SPLM with Hon. Dominic Otwari Theodore USAP moving a motion seeking for popular approval from the assembly.

The 2012/2013 Financial Year for Eastern Equatoria State stands at over SSP 164 Million South Sudanese Pounds (SSP).

The budget concentrates on salaries and wages, operation funds, transfers and others have been drastically reduced to a bare minimum including capital funds allocations which reduced.

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