Torit Commissioner Occupies New Office

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Omoro revealed that the entire building which consists of 24 rooms was funded by the state government and regretted that the building was not really as expected due to Austerity Budget as funds were not enough leading to the withdrawal of the construction firm.

The counties affected by the cut in funds included Torit, Budi, Ikwoto and Kapoeta East while Kapoeta South, Lopa/Lafon, Magwi and Kapoeta North successfully completed because they were funded under South Sudan Recovery fund (SSRF).

He is now appealing to other donors to consider funding the remaining parts which described as essential ingredients of the structure.

“Because one cannot operate in an office like mine without water, you cannot operate without electricity, if the office is not furnished one cannot productively deliver functions. There is no security if there is no concrete fence. I therefore would like to appeal to donors like UNDP to come to help,” he said.

All county government departments except Directorate of Finance have already occupied the building while the Finance Directorate has arrangements to move in once security is reinforced.

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