Regular Communication Will Foster Peace In Jonglei – Official

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“If the government can build regular line of communications it will create better confidence between the state government and the local communities, clans and tribes because it will be easy for the information to get to the public very easily,” Thon said.

The loss of life and trauma caused by internal conflict in Jonglei state immediately after Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is well documented including food insecurity, diseases, killing of innocent people from all levels by cattle raiders.

He said the continuous fear and conflicts has prevented the proper establishment of villages, bomas, payams and normal settlement of the people in their environment to receive support items.

“The peace can be achieved by giving the support to the local authorities in building schools, clinics, churches and giving training to the youths, chiefs, women, and some local traders which can create peace and support peace building,” he said.

He said the conflicts have restricted the provision of agriculture services and there is no access to education in the villages.

“Regular meetings between different ethnic communities of Jonglei is a better way of creating peace in Jonglei state because if tribes of Dinka, Nuer and Murle get to meet each other and interact with each other, the peace will immediately come,” he said.
He said the government needs to address the needs of the displaced people and vulnerable group so that they get provision of basic needs services such as water, shelters, health services, schools and food assistance with in their new communities of settlement.

“It is interesting to note that decentralization has been fully demonstrated on us, let coordinate, communicate and disseminate peace effort in various geographical areas of Jonglei and beyond the state,” he said.
He said peace is a process of hope for family members or communities to have trust and confident for themselves and move freely for social coexistence and economic benefits among themselves.

The peace desk gives and receives important information for peace building activities and conflict management; it is also used for communication on peace building and information sharing.

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