Bor Town Leaders Plan To Improve Settlement

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Thon said the authorities are planning to improve the living condition in the town this year starting with the payam suburbs.

“I want to advice [the] people in town here to avoid random settlement especially those who are residing in others plots to evacuate their families …or surrender the plot of somebody before rainy season if he does not have [a] plot,” Nyok said.

He also urged those residing in un-surveyed areas to allow the state Ministry of Physical Infrastructure do their objective of surveying the areas so that the development can start in the state capital.

The Bor County Commissioner, Dr. Agot Alier Leek told the residents during his oath that, ‘the land was one of his main issues to address’ in the town so that residents can be served.

The commissioner told the residents of Panliet areas that they shall maintain their position till county authority sees whether they will be given a place or be allotted some land in the area.

Last two years the state governor of Jonglei state Kuol Manyang Juuk announced to the public that those who are affected by the road during the survey will move away and the ministry will give them an alternative plot.

The governor requested the residents to allow state government to survey the town without disputes.

The Paliet community had refused to move away from the area without receiving alternative plots.

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