Yambio Airstrip Being Expanded

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Ismail Christopher said they are with the United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) to make sure the airstrip is in good condition to boost the economic activities in the state.

Early last year, the poor condition of the airstrip was blamed for a plane crash early last year at the airstrip.

“Since UNMISS is our partner we requested them in sorting the poor conditions of the airstrip so I would love to extend my sincere gratitude to the UNMISS for giving us the green light to even expand the air strip to 300 meters southwards which will create enough runway for the bigger flights, he said.

Christopher said UNMISS is also trying to establish their base at the air strip and they will have a chopper which will facilitate the work at the airstrip.

The expansion part of it is being delayed due to the people who were staying in the area since the government policy is to bring services closer to the people.

“We have called on the social survey department to demarcate for them some a piece of land which is still but soon they will acquire the land [and] leave us finish the project of UNMISS,” he said.

The director said last year they managed to assess all the airstrips within the state just because the financial status is still undecided adding that they need to connect all the counties with airstrips.

He said that funding has been a challenge affecting the implementation of linking up the counties and appealed to all those who are affected to be patient. 
Christopher said they have identified a piece of land where they plan to build an airport for international flights but that will come later.

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