UNMISS Indian Battalion Organizes Free Veterinary Camp In Maban County

The Indian Military Contingent in the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) treated animals suffering from various ailments in Bunj of Maban County. [Ariik Atekdit]

Lt Col Dr Venkatesh Kumar with his dedicated team of the Indian veterinary and local veterinary staff treated animals suffering from various ailments in Bunj of Maban County.

The Weak debilitated and malnourished animals were administered with multivitamins, minerals, liver tonics and appetizers for improving their health. Livestock owners were advised on best animal management practices and prevention and control of various diseases prevalent in the region.

“A total of 338 animals of various species being; cows, sheep, goats and donkeys were given specific treatment with antibiotics and latest drugs for various ailments; parasitic disorders, tick borne skin diseases, injuries, eye infections and other infectious and contagious diseases,” Dr Kumar said.

Other common complaints of saddle injuries, dermatitis and skin infection cases were also attended to.

Dr. Kumar stressed the need of taking full advantage of such opportunity when Veterinary staff from INDBATT had come to their doorsteps.

Capt Pankaj Sharma of Melut TCC, on behalf of the INDBATT-1 Commanding
Officer, appreciated the active participation of the local administration and advised the livestock owners to avail maximum benefits of this excellent opportunity for better health care of their animals.

Mr. Ramlei Abiel, the Maban County Acting County Commissioner said, “In the absence of any significant veterinary facility nearby, the locals have benefited from the timely help. I hope such free veterinary aid camps would be a normal feature by INDBATT in the

He lauded the well thought of initiative of the Commanding Officer of INDBATT-1, Col Sandeep Vasudeva, in reaching out to the locals for betterment of their livestock.

Abiel said Indian Battalion came in for this assistance when the local administration and the natives are facing huge refugee influx at the border town of Bunj from Blue Nile state.

He said that this Veterinary Aid Camp has also provided an opportunity in synergizing the efforts of the Ministry of Animal Resources and INDBATT.

“It also provided opportunity to young local par veterinary staff, Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) and others in understanding the prevalence of various endemic diseases in the area,” he added.

Louk Shauna, a local livestock owner said “We are extremely happy about the organization of this free veterinary camp in our area, as it has provided much needed relief to our animals, especially in this dry season.”

“The vet staff from INDBATT has educated us about routine de-worming of our livestock and modern methods of rearing cattle and sheep and we are indebted to them for providing free medication to our livestock,” he added.

Mohammed al Fateh Basheer, a local veterinary assistant attending the camp said “Such mass de-worming and anti tick treatment will be extremely useful in reducing the parasitic burden on the animals. This free medication will improve health of our livestock and bring prosperity to the owners.”

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