Mayor Calls For Dismissal Of Body Tattooing

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Nhial Majak made the appeal on 9 July at the celebrations to mark the second independence celebration at Bor Freedom Square.

The Mayor argues that the intentional body-marks cause ethnic conflicts among the ethnic communities in Jonglei State. 

He urges the state citizens to find ways of combating the enemy (Tribalism), saying no tribe is better than another and all are the same regardless of where they come from.

The mayor instead urges the citizens to be proud of themselves in the unity of their people and in the identification of national unity.

He calls upon the state government of Jonglei state to implement an order across the state to stop the traditional marks kids are brutally subjected to identify them from other tribes.

In Jonglei state some of the tribes use the body mark as sign of initiations.  In areas of Lou-Nuer and in Bor community a mark and removing of lower teeth are commonly for identity and in Murle, the mark shown on the body shows how strong one is in his group.

In Bor community the head sign and removing of the lower teeth had been very common.

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