Parties Call For Urgent Formation Of Cabinet

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The political parties in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state were supportive to the president’s decision to restructure his government but needed the replacements to be done immediately.

“We in United Sudan African Parties (USAP) are strongly supporting the decree released by the president in which he relieved his vice, Secretary-General for his ruling party and the whole cabinet. We are supporting this decree because it is for the welfare of our citizens because all these times, our people have been suffering persevering with the conditions hoping to get services from the government but never happened,” Tong Machol Machol, USAP Acting chairperson said.

“My request to the president is that; as he vowed earlier that he would work hand in hand with other political parties exercising political will in the country, it has come now a time for the president to reconsider his promise, and by doing so he has to
consider appointing any qualified person from other political parties as his vice president for the equality and neutrality of the government,” Machol added.

Meanwhile Keer Aleu Keer from USAP insists that the president has made the first decree since he assumed powers from the former SPLM leader Dr. John Garang and that he hopes the president is on the right track.

“Following our independence from North Sudan two years ago, we never saw any good developmental projects being run by the government like good education system, advanced agricultural projects for the sustainability and proper equipped health facilities all still at zero level,” Keer said.

He added that if the president wants to do something better to the suffering citizens, he can bring in the new faces persons especially in those ministries so that he can start fresh with less corruption.

He further added that president must think of bringing in representatives from other political parties so that they integrated into his governance for proper and timely development along side with service delivery to the community.

On the other hand, the state representative of United Democratic Salvation
Front-Mainstream (UDSF-M), Peter Kur Angok Ngong who also supports the decree says that his party fully stands behind the president for the decision and reminds the president of either success or failure whichever decision any leader makes.

“Decrees can either be beneficial or destructive in any leadership in any country. Your people are happy with your decrees and would need you to make another proper appointment of right people in the right positions especially participation of other political parties in your government because there country without any political parties,” Ngong said.

He added that for the success of the country, there must be debates of ideas or
resolutions of different political parties in the parliament so that they come to agree on what is right for the citizens.

He later urged the president to form another cabinet as soon as possible to avoid political pandemonium in the country.

Meanwhile, the African Congress Party (ANC) representative, Charles Akot Ayii Akot, says their position is clear and strengthening to the citizens.

He welcomed the amalgamation of the unnecessary ministries to form key national
ministries for the quick and timely delivery of services to the citizens.

On Saturday, South Sudan President Salva Kiir held a consultative meeting with the leaders of 17 South Sudan Political Parties on the current political situations in the country.

President Kiir briefed the Party Leaders on the current political situations in the country and notified them that the coming new government will be an inclusive, representative as well as gender sensitive government.

The leaders of the political parties during the meeting congratulated H.E Kiir for peacefully managing the political situation in the country and particularly for reducing the Cabinet to nineteen.

The political party leaders expressed sincere gratitude to the President for consulting them on formation of the coming new government, which they say shows democratic Governance.

Shortly after the meeting, leader of the South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) Dr. Elia Lumoro told the press on behalf of his colleagues that the meeting came out with a decision that “the parties should send in a list of three nominees” and H.E the President is mandated to select from the list a person whom he believes is fit to be given a portfolio in the coming Government.

On the same day, President Salva Kiir appointed Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin as the new Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister in a decree announced on state television.

Dr. Marial, the former Minister for Information and Broadcasting was the first to be appointed in the new Cabinet following the sacking of all ministers and deputies from their posts.

President Salva Kiir last week also sacked his Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party Secretary-General Pagan Amum.

It is not clear when the other posts will be filled but officials have said that the president is currently conducting wide consultations in a move to form and announce a new cabinet.

“There is no any other exact date that we know about it,” said Makol Mayen, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said last week adding that, “It may be three days, four, a week,”

In the meantime, the Under-Secretaries in all the ministries are running the other government ministries.

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