Teachers Union Condemns Killing Of Colleagues

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The teachers were killed in a revenge attack in a remote Akuel-jol village where Mathiang Primary School is situated.

The three people (two teachers and a pastoralist) were killed on Tuesday but no arrest of suspects has been made so far. Authorities identified the teachers as Dut Makur Temthok, (headmaster of the school) and Malual Mayom Ayuop.

The inter-communal clash was triggered by the killing of Mabor Maker Meen who was suspected of also killing another in the remote village of Ayen-mayar.

The Teachers Union Chairman Kachuol Majuong Kachuol expressed rage, accusing the state government of not putting more effort to capture the suspects. Majuong called upon on Lakes State government to arrest the suspected murderers.  

“If you killed a teacher, you are fighting the nation. We need immediate justice and suspected people be arrested,” he angrily said.

“If you are to restore our trust in Lake State Government, bring those suspected of killing the teachers to justice. This is a special case which needs a careful attention.”

He also appealed to the state government to urgently reform the justice system and forward all pending cases to competent courts so that the community can feel justice prevailing and restore hope that impunity is not tolerated.

He said:  “If the perpetrators are not arrested, it will not make us happy.  They should face the court.” Majuong said his union will endeavor to defend teachers and their rights and make sure they are trained and developed properly.

The state since the removal of Governor Chol Tong Mayay in February this year has seen more draconian orders which have not helped to reduce the problem of insecurity.

In February, the caretaker governor of Lakes State, Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol ordered a mass arrest of members of the Kok Dinka tribe.

A total of 50 people from the Pathoth and Pamany sub-sections were arrested and detained in Langcok military prison although no charges were brought against them yet.

The cycle of revenge attack in Rumbek has been recurring mainly attributed to the ineffective justice system.

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