Minister Hails Heads Of Directorates

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Addressing a Ministry staff meeting on Thursday, Hon. Clement Juma Mbugoniwia appreciated the efforts of his colleagues in the directorates amidst the austerity measures.

“It is good when someone has done something good, he or she is appreciated and praised in order to motivate him/her to do more,” said the minister.

Despite financial limitations, the minister said his ministry has tried to see some work is done on Madebe-Ibba, Gangura-Nabiapai roads as well as the Momboi and Yambio airstrips.

Some work has also been done on some feeder roads in areas like Ikpiro and Gangara Emilia to help the local community.

The minister appealed to the staff to stay away from politics, cooperate and build a good working relationship with all the directorates in order to develop the country.

Mr. Richard Issa Mizani, the Director General in the ministry also urged the staff to keep time and build team spirit in order to achieve the goals of the state government.

Mr. Issa also called for transparency for better implementation of any project and advised the staff not to interfere with duties and responsibilities of any employee in the ministry.

The Director General also urged his fellow engineers to work hard and avoid politics.

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