ANC Applauds South Sudan’s New Cabinet

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The new cabinet was announced on Wednesday after President Salva Kiir disbanded the previous one over a week ago.

ANC’s head in NBGS Mr. Charles Akot Ayii approved of the new team of government leaders dominated by new faces, whom he believes would succeed in delivering services to the citizens.

Speaking to the press in his office on Thursday, Akot said although his party is not included in the new cabinet, he still supports it and stands behind the president’s objective of achieving peace and development. 

“At least, I can say that the president has tried his best in forming this new cabinet. We all believe that the new government can deliver unlike the past government,” said Akot.

“On behalf of my party, I can say that the formation is not bad because it has two faces from other political parties in the governance of the country.”

Mr Akot however believes the president still has more to do to close the gap between the ruling party and other political parties to ensure transparent leadership and effective services delivery.

“Although the president brought in young and energetic people whom we believe would do best out of nothing, more additional seats of participation from other political parties is still needed,” he said.

ANC is among other opposition political parties in the state that publicly supported the president’s dissolution of the entire cabinet, firing of his Vice President and the suspension of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) party Secretary General.

The reasons for his action were not clear initially but the president lately said he did dissolve the cabinet because he needed a lean and more committed cabinet to render the basic service the citizens have long waited for.

He admitted the rivalry in the party’s top brass but said it is too early to begin talking about the next party leadership elections.

The president reduced the ministries from 29 to 19 and ministers from 56 to just 29 which many analysts view as a positive move towards cutting government expenditures and improving service delivery.

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