More Than 10,000 Ghost Names Unearthed In Police Service

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Hon. Aleu Ayeny Aleu, the South Sudan’s new Interior Minister said told journalists in Juba that 16,000 other more names are being investigated which is likely to make increase the number to 27,000, pointing out the move will result to secure of 73 million South Sudan Pounds an equivalent of $23million US Dollars.

“In our screening we were able to identify 11,000 in our pay list which we have a decision to knock out,” the Minister told press Tuesday in his first public appearance to the media.

An annual police conference that brought 180 top South Sudan’s senior police officers together with top UNPOL officers that ended last week Friday in Wau has decided to lay off the 11,000 names, Aleu said.

“This will give the Ministry to secure 30million South Sudan Pounds-(an equivalent of $9million US Dollars),” Aleu said. “And we are investigating 16,000 more names,” he added.

The discovery came as part of the reforms initiated early last year between the Interior Ministry and the UNPOL to reform the South Sudan ex-rebel-turned police into a more professional and transparent police force.

Police Spokesperson Col. James Monday exclusively said that the ongoing screening targets 52,000 police men and women, the police force South Sudan is estimated to be having. 

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