Fire Fighting Training Launched In Aweil

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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This department got an international funding provided by Polish Aid through Polish Centre For International Development (PCPM) and financed by the Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking to journalists in Aweil on behalf of PCPM, Anna Radecka says the PCPM through Poland Ministry Foreign Affairs under the Polish Aid Program is working to support fire fighters in Aweil and that the program shall run for one year depending on funding.

She also discloses that her project has already provided the Fire Brigade in Aweil with basic equipments which are meant for fighting the fire.

“Our main aim here as PCPM is to support fire brigade unit with basic fire fighting equipments and basic trainings. We have already provided them with a vehicle that shall be used for emergencies which also has a number for the residents to call in cases of fire outbreaks,” Anna told the journalists.

“These equipments are for extinguishing fire but also have provided them some equipment for flood response. The trainings are given in five groups for all the platoons which will be lasting until 24th September this year,” she adds.

She further says that after the success of the training, the technical team shall provide a show for the audience on how the training impacted on the community, whereas they will also be able help explain some basic principles on how the residents shall be cooperating and liaising with fire fighters who are trained to rescue them on fire cases.

Such training has never been conducted in the new nation but as the first fire fighting training initiative has overwhelmingly gained support from the trainees.

As swampy and ever seasonally flooding area, Anna said Northern Bahr el Ghazal state was chosen within South Sudan’s 10 states for strategic reasons, being swampy and high statistical reports of disastrous fire outbreaks.

She further urges the entire citizens of South Sudan for joining hands for their country’s development through the little services at hands.

Meanwhile, the Fire Brigade Director of Disaster Management and Control, Major Joseph Anei Dut Anei said his team is set ready to respond to emerging cases of fire outbreak and that they shall help reduce or minimize cases of fire destruction in the state.

“My team has received enough and a very good training on how they are going to respond to cases of fire outbreaks or flood cases within the state. We are going to utilize these skills acquired during the training to help our community on those cases,” Anei expressed.

He additionally says that despite the insufficiency of the manpower, the trained personnel shall further reverse the skills to train other new recruits with the same skills acquired during these trainings.

He also urges the public to be patient and wait for the finalization of the training where the fire team shall be dispersed for the salvaging others on fire and flood cases.

Earlier this month, the PCPM had conducted the flood rescue training for the same directorate which lasted for two weeks later.

The training also included basic flood rescues.

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