New Ministers Take Oath Of Office

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The ceremony was witnessed by the State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore alongside his deputy Jerome Gama Surur at State Council of Ministers’ meeting hall within the premises of State Secretariat General in Torit.

The Ministers sworn in included;
1. Hon. Clement Laku Chichim – Minister of Information, Broadcasting Telecommunications and Parliamentary Affairs
2. Hon. Charles Ambrose Lokonoi – Minister of Local Government, Law Enforcement and Wildlife Conservation
3. Hon. Sam Felix Makuja – Minister of Finance, Commerce, Investment and Economic Planning
4. Hon. Michael Lopuke Lotyam – Minister of Education, Science and Technology and Youth and Sports
5. Hon. Dr. Margaret Itto Leonardo – Minister of Health
6. Hon. Lorika Stella Brenda – Minister of Labour Public Service and Human Resource Development
7. Hon. John Ochan Bongomin – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Irrigation, Cooperative and Rural Development
8. Hon. Hassan Urbano Alex – Minister of Physical Infrastructure
9. Hon. Patrick Lodinga – Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries.

The three Advisors to the governor who equally took oath of the office included the former Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration, Hon. Claudio Suleiman Liling, as Advisor on Peace and Reconciliation, Hon. Emilio Loki who has been serving the people of Budi County at state Legislative Assembly, Advisor on Gender and Social service and the former on Political and Administrative Affairs Hon. Abdallah Kapelo Meri Advisor on Youth and Private sector.

The previous Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Hon. Felix Otuduha Siro, Advisor on Political and Administrative Affairs, was absent as he was reported to have been sick and his swearing ceremony could be arranged for the later though there was no clear or specified day for his oath.

This followed approval from the State Legislative Assembly which nearly disagreed but it finally endorsed the newly announced State Cabinet.

Earlier in the morning, the State Legislative Assembly received a list of the new government and Ministers with a prime purpose to bless and it was read to them at the House by the Deputy Speaker Paula Napwon Yonae who presided over the sitting.

Though the Parliament was divided over the issue to vet the new Cabinet government and Ministries at 19 against 14 votes in favour of approval of the new Cabinet members, two out of 35 member attendants remained neutral during the voting.

Therefore, as a result, the new Cabinet members were favoured following the approval.

The House expressed need to lengthily discuss the matter before endorsement so all members would be satisfied but Hon. Peter Khamis Lokaale of SPLM representing the people of Kapoeta North County overrode the debate as he moved a motion calling on the House to support the endorsement of the new Cabinet as it had been sent in to the House by the state governor.

The governor had last week advised those affected in the cabinet shakeup to join the private sector as part of supporting growth and development in the state.

He also appealed the cabinet to immediately help engaging themselves with commitment in private commercial activities as a means to sustain development the state while working together to support the going as far as development is concerned in the state.

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