Southern Sudan Political Parties Call For Unity Ahead Of Referendum

Leaders of South Sudanese political parties have called for unity amongst themselves ahead of the January referendum vote.

Speaking last week during a one-day inter-parties dialogue organised by the SPLM Southern Sector, more than seven Southern political parties affirmed their commitment to unite ahead of the crucial vote.

The SPLM Southern Sector’s Secretary for Economics and Finance Kuol Aguer Kuol affirmed that legible citizens will be registered to take part in the exercise but called for comprehensive civic education ahead of the plebiscite.

United USAP 2‘s John Kenyi said no reconciliation has taken place between different political parties since the April polls, adding that some aggrieved candidates still harbour hard feelings against their opponents.

He stressed that his party stands for successful referendum and is footing for separation.

He appealed to other political parties including the SPLM to put aside pre and post – election differences and focus on the upcoming referendum.

The acting State Chairperson of the United Democratic Salvation Front (UDSF-Mainstream) Agnes Lawrence Odwar urged the SPLM to unite all Southern political parties for the sake of the referendum.

She affirmed that her party was in total support of separation come the January 2011 vote.

“We, the UDSF-Mainstream, are for total separation. Period! Unlike the SPLM and NCP who are talking about making unity attractive, UDSF-Mainstream party is for independence of South Sudan. We as southerners should not now talk of political parties in the south; we should instead talk of ‘we the southerners’ because no single party can he held responsible for the suffering and marginalization of South Sudanese”, she said.

An SSDF member Omjima Philip stressed that although SPLM is acknowledged as the mother and father of South Sudanese politics, it should not leave out other smaller parties in various political matters.

“I cannot respect the SPLM party if it persists on failing to recognise other political parties. Failure by the SPLM to move together with the rest of the sisterly Southern parties may result into putting the upcoming referendum into jeopardy by making them to vote for unity”, she said.

She also called upon parities operating in the state to let their respective parties’ youth from all the parties including the SPLM, to jointly launch awareness creation ahead of the exercise.

“By doing so, we begin to feel solidarity as southerners and not as parties”, said the SSDF member.

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