President Kiir To Sack Non Performers’

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“The government of South Sudan has recovered 8 million dollars which was missing at hand of other individual within those whom I dismissed with their colleagues recently, since the money was withdraw from Kenyan capital Nairobi without government knowledge ability and legal procedures,” said president Kiir.

“I have removed those who were responsible for the disappearance of this money and this is what brought a difference between me and the SPLM Secretary General because SPLM secretary asked me that why did I made my own decision by removing SPLM leading figure members without making a consultation with the party leadership,” he said adding that he did so because South Sudanese had lost money.

Kiir was addressing a public rally graced by thousands of people at Wau main stadium.

“As I relive all my former ministers and their deputies, am still to reach advisors for the same mission as what I did to the ministers,” President Kiir told public rally in Wau.

He said that the people who work in the government and do not want to follow what they are assigned to do will be removed.

“This government that I announced is a government that can deliver services to the people of this country and not a government that led by those individual who care only for themselves,” he said adding that there is no room for those who pocket government money into their packets.

Kiir challenged those who think that without their participation in government, there will be no progressive government in South Sudan saying that his government is qualified to work for South Sudanese interests.

“Those who say so should get out of government to reform themselves outside there,” said Kiir.

Kiir warned those who he has relieved and are protesting that they will bring him down from power.

The president yesterday attended the graduation of 290 ex-combatants in Mapel town.

State Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan thanked the president for the new lean government.

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