Girl-Child Education Project Launched In Unity State

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The Deputy Governor of Unity State Col. Mabek Lang Mading hailed the project, saying it will improve the education of girls in Unity State.

Lang urged both parents to allow all girls to go to school as he said the government of Unity State will put in place a law that will protect girls from dropping out of schools. The major factors for school-drop out in the state are pregnancy, early and forced marriage. 

 “The government of Unity State is working very hard to improve the education sector and this is one of our top priorities,” said Lang.

The State Minister of General Education and Instruction Brig. Peter Gai Joak said girls drop out of school when they reach primary five, six and above which he said can only be curbed by enacting laws.

“The government should put in place laws to guide the education system and if a drop out happens to a girl because his classmate (the boy) impregnated her, both of them should be dropped out of school,” said Gai.

“It is not always fair that girls drop out and boys continue their studies. In that situation, boys will also continue with the same behaviour and girls will continue dropping out of school,” Mary Paul Nguendeng, the State Minister of Gender and Social Development said.

She added that there is a need to training teachers to get more knowledge.

The programme Director of Windle Trust Mr. David Masaua said they are currently carrying out three teaching all the primary school and teachers and teacher, behavior change communication and building knowledge base for building girls’ education and systematic attendance record in schools for both pupils and teachers.

“We are employing staff to work at counties education offices to supervise the programme implementation among other activities,” said Masua

“The project will be giving some financial assistance to the girls from primary four and five of about 125 SSP per year.”

Masua urges the parents to put boys and girls at the same level and all of them should be sent to school.

Araf Khmais, a Parent Teachers Association (PTA) said teachers are also suffering in schools because some pupils are badly brought up. 

She urges the government to build more school for girls as there is only one secondary school for girls in the whole state.

The project is supported by UKAID and implemented by Windle Trust International and Universal Intervention and Development Organization (UNIDO). 

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