Women Applaud UN Mission Efforts’ In Training Police Force

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Apart from several empowerment efforts in the state over the last few years, a two-day training workshop on capacity building of 25 women in police service has successfully concluded, according to the Association Chairperson, 2nd Lt. Sunday Silvino Akai Jamus.

“On behalf of all women, I would like to take this opportunity to thank UN for their tangible support being felt all over the Country by South Sudanese women. The support has been felt and we are proud to be part of it and we will continue to recognize UN efforts that continue to push us up the ladder. I also want our fellow Counterparts men to work together with us the women in order to realize peaceful co-existence in the Country; South Sudan. We have challenges ahead of us. Therefore, we need to work side by side,” she said.

According to her, the training which was organized in collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Capacity Development with Police management was basically aimed at informing policewomen accordingly in order to discover their rights while working as police servants.

The training workshop also guided the 25 policewomen on strategies how to deal, cooperate and assist the citizens in the neighbourhoods.

One of the UN training facilitator’s Hillary Lombard encouraged the empowered policewomen as she challenges them to clearly know, understand and recognize their rights and be accordingly engaged in important activities in the society so change of negative attitudes.

She informed them that they as women have the rights to engage in life, rights to education, rights to health, rights to decision making and rights to select and join a profession.

Ms. Lombard preached that apart from women being encouraged to promote their participation in public life and use diplomacy to demand their representation in both Legislature and executive organs by at least 25 percent as an affirmative action, the trained women equally empowered them to recognize obstacles.

“Women shall be accorded full and equal dignity of the person with men. And they shall have the right to equal pay, work and other related benefits with men,” Ms. Lombard informed the women as they concluded the training yesterday in Torit.

The trainees were equally urged to struggle to end violence against women in the society.

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