South Sudan Journalists’ Union To Elect New Executive Body

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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For this elections to happen, members of states’ Union from 10 states were invited to be part of the process with a supervisory task from the national Ministry of Information and Broadcasting with a technical support from the Secretary Generals of Union of Journalists of Uganda (UJU) as well as Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) whose technicalities also played role in amending the permanent constitution of UJOSS.

Speaking to the members during the General Assembly Meeting [GAM] for the end of the three-year term calendar year, the outgoing chairperson of UJOSS, Mr. Oliver Modi welcomes the members for the fair, democratic and transparent elections for another three years term for the forthcoming executive body which is not clear whether the members will nominate him again for another three-year term for the chairmanship.

“We are here today as the brothers and sisters working one objective goal for our country and South Sudanese in particular through creating bridges between the government, partners and journalists of different media house to promote peace, free press, transparent, responsible and developmental media in South Sudan,” Oliver told members of Executive committees representing 10 states in South Sudan who came to endorse 2010-2013 Financial report from the outgoing executive body headed by him.

He however, continuous emphasized that the choice of the members for the elections to the upcoming body will remain a fundamental right of UJOSS members in reference to interim constitution which is likely to be amended to a permanent constitution.

“This is absolutely every member’s right to observe and nominate who she/he thinks can prosper well because we all know that we are still far behind as we started from behind and still aiming further for the betterment of the media in South Sudan like any other developed and developing countries,” he added.

UJOSS was formed in 2004 by South Sudanese journalists and registered in 2008 by then the ministry of Legal affairs and constitutional Development and had its first executive body formed immediately after the registration with an aim to protect journalists’ safety and other human rights related issues within the county.

In 2013, the Union attained its regional membership of becoming part of Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) and likely lobbying to get membership for International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) body which is based in Brussels.

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