Unity State Oil Taskforce Holds Forum On Revenue Management

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Speaking during opening session, the Acting Governor, Col. Mabek Lang Mading stressed that the government of Unity State is working very hard to improve the situation facing the local communities living around the oil facilities by urging the companies to respect their life and to compensate them when there is an issue of relocation.

“Our people are suffering a long because the companies are not doing what they are supposed to do in terms of Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR),” he said.

Lang said that the role played by the Unity Oil Taskforce and other Taskforces in the oil producing State will make the government aware of the implication and impact of oil to the communities and we will be working side by side with the taskforce for the betterment of all the citizens.

“I am at this juncture, urging the companies to implement their obligations and to involve the local communities who are the owners of these resources in any process such consulting them in the process relocating those who are living near the oil wells,” Land added.

Professor Arop Leek Deng, Chairperson of Jonglei Oil Taskforce said the Government of the Republic of South Sudan should consider the environmental impact that are currently happening in the oil producing areas such as Unity, Jonglei and Upper Nile States so that what happened in the past should not repeat itself.

“The oil taskforces of the three States are working to make sure that the local communities are given a fair share and equal distribution of wealth instead of them to suffer all time along,” he said.

He urges the NGOs and the Civil Societies Organizations that are working in the field of resources, revenues management and environmental issues to fulfill their mandate by advocating for the right of the local people on the ground.

The chairperson of Unity Oil Taskforce Eng. William Garjang Gieng said the oil taskforce is in a process to carryout awareness on petroleum management act and revenues management bill in the coming near future so that the right full owners of these resources becomes aware of what they can get in return.

The forum was supported by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and invited journalists from different media houses to report on the environmental impact on the ground.

The meeting brings together all civil society organizations, UN, NGOs and Government officials were invited participants to attend the public hearing together with the oil taskforce.

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