Mayor Issues Order To Reorganize Parks

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Stephen Osfaldo Lobali issued the provisional Order No.03/2013 on 4 November 2013. “In exercise of powers conferred upon me with gubernatorial decree No. 27/2013 and Section 40 of Local Government Act, 2009, I Stephen Osfaldo Lobali, Mayor of Torit Municipal Council, do hereby issue Provisional Order for the relocation and transfer of Buses, Taxies and Lories Park from Omoliha Market.

“All Buses and Taxies going to various destinations shall be relocated to open space south of the Airstrip near Revenue Authority along Kapoeta Road; Tipper Lorries shall be relocated to an open space east of Torit West Primary School,” the order partly reads.

The transfer is effective from the date of announcement of this order and shall be completed by 17th November, 2013.

Speaking to Gurtong on Friday, the Deputy Mayor Marko Lokitoe Lokuta said there is resistance from a section of the transport dealers. 

This move shall help create three stations to have breathing space that will further improve taking off of people and goods by public vehicles.

Lokitoe explained that all public transport vehicles going to Kapoeta, Lopa/Lafon, Ikwoto and Budi, have been relocated from the old Omoliha Bus Park to the south of Torit Airstrip near Revenue Authority Commission office while all the public transport vehicles going to Juba shall be operating in the old Omoliha Bus Park. 

Tipper Lorries have been relocated to an open space East of Torit West Primary School.

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