Security Tightened A Head Of Festivities

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Oba Cecilia Tito the Mayor of Yei Municipality told the press that road blocks are being established in the entire roads leading into the municipality to monitor those coming in and travelling out of the municipality.

Oba said the road blocks are meant for combating insecurity, but not for harassing people and looting property from civilians.

The security beefed-up is also to scan any illegal importation of harmful things into the Municipality and the county.

She urged the organized forces to protect the civilians, visitors and to arrest any criminals identified within the Municipality during this festive season and keep them in the police custody under maximum health.

Oba added that unauthorized persons and those who are not on duty are not allowed to carry guns and assigned law enforcement forces should follow the order seriously.

The Mayor confirmed the peaceful security atmosphere in the municipality, but cautioned the citizens to be alert and security conscious
She congratulated the people of Yei Municipality for having shown to the rest of the country their spirit of nationalism by promoting peace and stability in the municipality and the county at large.

She said the presence of peaceful atmosphere in Yei Municipality is as a result of collective responsibility that each individual has played in the municipality regardless of their ethnicity existing within the municipality.

The last week clashes in Juba between the SPLA and the forces loyal to the former V.P. Reik Machar has led to the influx of internal displaced persons into Yei Municipality and Yei River County stretching on the limited resources in the county.

The new arrivals in the Municipality are also urged to adopt and live according to the lifestyles and standard they find existing in the municipality and the county.

The Mayor urged all the citizens to continue living peacefully and act quickly in solving any differences among them in the community before it escalates.

The Christmas celebration in the Municipality and Yei River County will be celebrated from 6am to 6pm.

Bishop Elias Taban of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan Yei County has congratulated the leaderships of Yei Municipality and Yei River County for having maintained peace in the county amidst the current security turmoil in the country.

Elias said, Yei was said by the late Dr. John Garang as being a role model to the rest of the country and leaders should make sure the festive season is enjoyed without any sound of a bullet in the air.

The Bishop also donated two big bulls to the organized forces for the Christmas celebration. One bull will be taken to the army barracks and one for the joint operation team in Yei Municipality.

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